Missions at Trinity

The Missions Program of Trinity Presbyterian Church intends to promote and advance the Kingdom of God locally and cross culturally by establishing the Church Visible of Jesus Christ where previously there was no such presence or such presence was inadequate throughout the whole earth.  As such, we have strategically prioritized our support prayerfully, financially, and with other resources participated with our local and international missions partners, maintaining awareness of their needs via personal points of contact on our missions committee and praying for them corporately from the pulpit on a weekly basis.

Missionary of the Week Webpage
Peru Mission

In Trujillo, Wes Baker targets pastors throughout South America. He has established a mission that provides medical services and seminary academic challenges to a predominant Marxist intellectualism in the South American Intellectual Academy of History and Economics. In Cajamarca, Alonzo Ramirez has established a seminary for rural ministers, focusing on building Christian communities where Gospel work is applied in a whole of life way, resulting in effective economic and life pursuits to help body and soul and heal the community.

Hope Russia

Hope Russia is centered at the St. Petersburg Seminary and targets Russian pastors from over 20 churches spread over nine time zones. The mission seeks to equip them with a reformed theological perspective to lead their churches and families in a post-communist/atheist Russia. Its founder, Blake Purcell, spent 20 years in Russia and now spearheads a twice yearly two week conference at the seminary for largely charismatic pastors and their wives. His two sons and their wives and children comprise an ongoing presence in Russia at the seminary.

International Christian Concern

Founded in 1995, International Christian Concern has committed to relieve the suffering of the world-wide persecuted church through outreach and Gospel support. Examples include supplying Bibles and bikes for church planters in India, smuggling in Bibles for evangelism and believers without in Laos, broadcasting the Gospel message into North Korea along with balloon launched leaflets, supporting underground pastors with Gospel broadcasts in Iran, supporting Christian radio broadcasts and discipleship in Somalia, providing medical care, discipleship, clothing and shelter in Lebanon, and working with government officials and other advocacy groups to free imprisoned Christians and challenge countries that are involved in persecution.

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry is a national and international ministry comprised of chaplains working within jails and prisons to meet the spiritual needs of prisoners, corrections officers, and staff through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry gives local churches and their pastors the opportunity to minister within the institutions as well as provide a church home when the inmates complete their sentence.

Rocky Bayou Christian School

Rocky Bayou Christian School was founded in 1973 and now has three campuses across Okaloosa County. RBCS equips K-12 students with a classical education from a Christian worldview. The school is enjoying unprecedented acclaim, necessitating a capital campaign to fund a classroom facility building project to meet overwhelming applicant needs.

Biblical Counseling

The Trinity Biblical Counseling Ministry provides counseling without fees to the local community, as well as virtually outside of our local area. The ministry is led by one of Trinity’s elders who is an ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor; additionally we have a female ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor that supports the ministry.

Helpful Resources

Trinity Presbyterian Church is a member of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).  The CREC is a growing body of congregations spanning over seven countries and four continents.


Canon Press is a Christian publishing house out of Moscow, ID.  They brand themselves as the "Outfitters of the Reformation," producing a variety of resources for the entire family.  A subscription to their Canon+ app provides access to audiobooks, sermons, documentaries, and more.


The Blue Letter Bible is a helpful Bible search and study tool!